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Ho, Hum

U.S. cities only - how bloody typical. Theres a world beyond your borders. Wake up!


Can access lots of resources right from within the. App

Too many glitches

I regret getting this app

Full star is too high.

Pathetic. Shows me less than a dozen restaurants and I live in a metro area of 500,000!

Does not work wait for update

All my other apps work great, but this app does not work. I have server issues, freezing, loading and crashing with this app and have tested that my phone works fine Internet by my own network and tested on wifi yet I only have problems with this app. If you plan to pay for this app wait till it is updated!

Love this app

Its my go to app when I travel to choose where to eat.

Really helpful...

I dont know about you, but sometimes I unexpectedly have to find a place to eat before the next meeting or the next airplane. LocalEats has been a lifesaver. It pinpoints the places you can drive to, cab to, or walk to. The information about the restaurants has been very good (not as good as yelp or tripadviser, but still good) and so locale specific that it lets you not waste time finding a place and instead spend time in the place.

Good app- better if free

Compares well to Zagat, slightly less choices, but they do have unique restaurants and are always spot on.

Review of Local Eats

The usefulness depends on the quality of the restaurants in the locale. Each restaurant recommended in Baltimore and in orlando was exceptional. Each restaurant recommended in Tampa was terrible


Simple and to the point, the way a phone app should be.

Great app

One of my most frequently used apps.

A hit

Just used first time. It was a hit. Found a great restaurant

Brilliant ap

Very helpful and accurate. I just deleted urban spoon.

One of favorites

Not much to offer in smaller cities, but in a medium to large city, its great. I have found more great restaurants with this app in the last year than any other single source. Highly recommended.

Wonderful app

This really helps me to host visitors or friends.

Not at all helpful!

If you are in a big city and city still this app might be okay. Unfortunately I have needed it most while driving and in more remote areas, example, upper Michigan. I would get no results each time. :( In the city I would get results but we would be way past most spots while driving.


Great application very helpful!

Great for when youre on the road

In an unfamiliar city, this app gives you a good idea of whats available

Why only large city locations?

Dont understand why only restraurants from main cities come up under search. Live 52 miles from Cincinnati, closest place is 22 miles away (only 1 listed), the balance are all in Cincinnati. What good is the app unless you are traveling to major metro locations?

Good app for ideas in unfamiliar places

Wish it was a touch more robust and had items to order as well. Also integration with open table would be nice. Still, good brainstorming app for places to go.

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