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I picked the wrong app

I made a mistake in not understanding the app I wanted as opposed to what was on offer. This is a good app for tracking local ly owned restaurants. As they state it does not include national chains. I was disappointed because the app I really want is one that highlights local ownership of the restaurant and true cook to order (not food assembly) restaurants. Can’t hold that against them. I queried the app in my usual direct and apparently rude manner about a specific restaurant and they gave me a good explanation - with one tag about whether I should keep the app - it’s free. Well, it is apparently free but as facebook and other apps prove they have to get revenue from somewhere to run them so I assume that is the case with this app. Below is the reply I received from I assume is customer service (if so, wow, he has a way to go with that goal) with regard to the “cost” of the app: Chris, We do tell people it’s free, because it is true ($0.00 + no ads = Free). That you refuse to believe this, for whatever paranoid reason, is bewildering. I get the feeling you prefer to dwell on the negative. Take care.

I’ve loved this app forever

And I am guilty of not saying so. This thing is amazing and I have never had it fail me. Telling my friends.

My favorite dining app

Clean, easy to use app. I try and avoid chains, so big plus here. Recommendations have been great so far.

Local Eats

Local Eats is a simple yet effective food guide that allows you to look up and filter recommended eateries by location, price, category, award winners and more. Each listed establishment has a image, address and a brief synopsis on the positives of dining there. Users can also submit restaurants for consideration as well as share eateries with others. The application is easy to navigate and simple to use.

App Never work

App never works . Always gives error and no search result found I hate wasting time on it

Constant issues

Haven't been able to get this app to work yet. Just keeps returning an error.

Great App!

Haven't gone wrong yet using this app. It has lead me to great food.


One star is too much. I'm literally sitting in a shopping center parking lot with 8 different restaurants within 1/2 a mile of me and none are showing up at all. Lame.

Love this app

It's my go to app when I travel to choose where to eat.

Does not work wait for update

All my other apps work great, but this app does not work. I have server issues, freezing, loading and crashing with this app and have tested that my phone works fine Internet by my own network and tested on wifi yet I only have problems with this app. If you plan to pay for this app wait till it is updated!

Full star is too high.

Pathetic. Shows me less than a dozen restaurants and I live in a metro area of 500,000!

Too many glitches

I regret getting this app

Epically awful

So I'm in downtown SF. Half the restaurants have the wrong address and are on pins that don't even match that. You can't just add a photo to a new restaurant, you have to "nominate" it. Someone I met recommended this app (I thought) but said it was free which it isn't. And didn't mention that it sucked, which it does.

Best Food App for Travel

In travels to 30 cities over the last two years, I have used this app to find local restaurants. It is better than every other app as it easily gives you access to local food. Only once has the choice been less than stellar out of a hundred uses. My NYC friends marvel how I can show them where to eat when they live there. Love it. Thanks

For larger markets

This app works best in larger markets. Actually, it is useless in smaller cities, where coverage is non-existent, and where the app will direct you to restaurants in the nearest large city—even if it’s more than an hour away.

Incorrect address or locations on map

Don't trust the addresses or locations shown on the map. Twice today I've picked recommendations at the top of the list, and both were wrong. Update your app if you want us to use it.

Great potential

Items missing from restaurant's menu, question mark for some serving sizes, can't record my weight. Could be great, not there yet. Tx Gr8 Grannie

Love the Local Restaurant selection!

I can always find a nice local restaurant using this app! Runs great on my iPhone 6 Plus!

1 star until updated

For 6 plus

Doesn't work with the iPhone 6+

Why would they issue an update without testing on the current models?

Should get zero stars

You see these stickers all over but no restaurants participate in their gift card program. What's the point of this app?

Difficult to evaluate app when it doesn't offer any listings

The idea of editor sourced reviews really appealed to me to avoid having to wade through piles of crowd sourced reviews that don't match my tastes. Too bad the app returned ZERO listings for Naples, FL (where we're visiting). Good thing it was only $1 but I found it annoying enough to want to leave a review noting it. I noticed after the fact that they do note that coverage varies outside large cities but it still felt like a disappointing experience.

Most reliable

I've given up on user rated dining sites. this one knocks out chains, and seems to nail really good independent restaurants, top rated and little known. like LocalEats a lot.

Love this app!

Use this app whenever I travel to find good food nearby.

Great for the road hog

My go to app

Reliable restaurant recommendations

This is my go to app when I am traveling out of town

Good start

I like how chains aren't included in this app, however it seems a lot of restaurants aren't included at all (at least in the Denver metro). I'm not sure if these places are excluded for some reason or if it's just that they haven't been included or don't have a website. It would also be nice to be able to search by cuisine. I'm going to keep an eye on this app, but for now I'll probably still rely on Urban Spoon.

Don't pay for it

It's supposed to be about local places, but it kept referring me to a chain. It also referred me to three restaurants that closed a while ago.

LocalEats doesn't disappoint!

Eat local wherever you are!

Great App

I don't pay for a lot of apps but this one is well worth it. It's very helpful regardless of my location. The restaurants are great and locally owned.

Excellent choices

Just found out about this app a week before a trip to Paris and London. Usually I have such a hard time figuring out the non-tourist spots. We've been relying on this app and have loved the choices. My only wish is that it would allow non-internet usage when I can't have a connection. Keep up the good work!

Has potential

I got this app because my sister-in-law raved about it. And once we used it when out in the next borough over from mine, it seemed to be really helpful and listed a ton of restaurants in very close proximity and in the area. But after I purchased it and went to use it in my neighborhood, it really lacked, I set it by my location (have even set it by zip) and very few restaurants came up (like less than 10), even though there are several in the area, and it suggested restaurants 15 min. away, in the city. So I assume this could be the same in other neighborhoods too. I was really disappointed, because I also wanted to be able to use this locally in my own neighborhood, and want to know that if I'm using it in a new city that the search is accurate. I'm not confident it is. Hope they can expand their local search results.


Nags you to rate the app so I did.

Support local!

Hands down, the best restaurant app out there. Love it!

An Essential Travel Tool

I always use this apps to find local gems while traveling, and it has yet to let down our huge and discerning group of diners.

Always impressed

Wherever I go, whatever I do... It ALWAYS includes LocalEats and I'm never disappointed. Now how many things can you say that about??


Love the app

Exceptional app

Thank you for making this app available as it has come in handy so very many times on our vacations. We used it a lot in South Carolina and we will use it here in our state and for future dining out guides. Thank you thank you thank you for this it is most helpful

This app gets better all the time.

Content is great. Thanks LocalEats.

Love this app

Used this app on my vacation in Hilton Head. Great way to find local seafood restaurants

Lives to Eat

Thanks for the latest update on my most-used dining app! Loving the new gift card program and used one last night already ...

Best in class

Top quality, chaps.

Narrows down the options for a foodie

Using yelp and other restaurant apps give u all the options around u, this gives only the best. It needs more restaurants in its data base because it narrows down a bit too much in my opinion. But it's still better to know instantly, without weeding thru lots of results, who has the best food nearby. And they include restaurants that are not necessarily high priced.

Good app for ideas in unfamiliar places

Wish it was a touch more robust and had items to order as well. Also integration with open table would be nice. Still, good brainstorming app for places to go.


100% reliable!!

Why only large city locations?

Don't understand why only restraurants from main cities come up under search. Live 52 miles from Cincinnati, closest place is 22 miles away (only 1 listed), the balance are all in Cincinnati. What good is the app unless you are traveling to major metro locations?

Great Local Restaurants

Good recommendations on local restaurants.

Great for when you're on the road

In an unfamiliar city, this app gives you a good idea of what's available


Great application very helpful!

Not at all helpful!

If you are in a big city and city still this app might be okay. Unfortunately I have needed it most while driving and in more remote areas, example, upper Michigan. I would get no results each time. :( In the city I would get results but we would be way past most spots while driving.

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